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Dr. McKinley was recently recruited by Deepak Chopra and signed a contract as a faculty member with Dr. Chopra's new multi-media organization called "My Potential". Her participation with My Potential as the official addictions specialist includes creating an on-line workshop, videos , audios, authoring books, and making television and radio appearances. Other faculty members include H.H. the Dalai Lama, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Uri Geller, Yogi Amrit Desai, Cathy Lee Crosby, Arielle & Debbie Ford and Dr. Judith Orloff.

Deepak  Chopra, M.D. , Dr Maryel McKinley

Deepak  Chopra, M.D.,
Dr Maryel McKinley


Rock out and have sober fun at the annual celebrity Musicians Picnic concert

Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers

Alcoholism and chemical dependency residential treatment facilities, detox, eating disorder treatment, primary and extended care, legal alternatives, outpatient services and programs, located in coastal Newport Beach California.

Recovery Net Radio

Dr. Maryel's interview with Bill & Denise Attebery

Bradley Quick Experience -KRLA 870 AM/590 AM

Dr. McKinley is on Bradley Quicks top 10 listening list!

Staying Balanced on The Spiritual Beam

For a sample of Dr. Maryel's inspiring recovery articles.

Getting Out of the Problem and Into The Solution

Dr. McKinley's LIFE SOS articles

Translated into German

Dr. McKinley's interview article on the environment

translated into Japanese for english students

The Edge Magazine

LIFE SOS column with The Edge Magazine


For Dr. Maryel's Awareness Magazine articles on spirituality and relationships go to Awareness magazine website to see over 100 of Dr. Maryel's published articles including Features, "Women With Wings" series, "Mystical Men" series, Relationship SOS column, as well as her well known "Book Review Column."

Interview with Deepak Chopra

Dr. Maryel's interview with Deepak Chopra


Get updated National Info on recovery related events, 12-step meetings, sober livings, and the latest accurate information on addiction treament, etc.

My Potential

Dr. Chopra's new multi-media organization


Awareness Magazine

Dr Maryel has written several articles including a recent Interview with  Dr. Deepak Chopra


Pluto Project

Pluto Project is dedicated to providing advanced spiritual information in user-friendly formats.


WisdomMedia.com Radio TV on the web

Dr Maryel on "Jill and Friends"  Radio Program


Rayl Web Design

If you like my website and need one contact Mike my "Web Wizzard".


Steps For Recovery Magazine

Dr McKinley has a monthly column in this magazine.






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Addictions Expert / Multimedia Personality / Journalist  
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